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Trading Standards

Trading Standards fees

Trading Standards Fees for 2018/19.

Weights and Measures


Weights Exceeding 5kg but not Exceeding 500mg£10.10*
Other Weights£7.75*


Linear Measures not Exceeding 3m£11.20*
Capacity Measures not Exceeding 1 litre£9.80*
Cubic Ballast Measures£200.00*
Liquid Capacity Measures£31.50*
Templates per Scale - First Item£54.75*
Templates per Scale - Subsequent Items£21.30*

Weighing Instruments Non EC

Not Exceeding 1 tonne£71.40*
Exceeding 1 tonne to 10 tonne£115.60*
Exceeding 10 tonne£241.35*

EC (Non-Automatic Weighing Instruments)

Not Exceeding 1 tonne£118.80*
Exceeding 1 tonne to 10 tonne£184.00*
Exceeding 10 tonne£402.00*

Measuring Instruments for Intoxicating Liquor

Not Exceeding 150ml£19.60*

Measuring Instruments for Liquid Fuel and Lubricants

Container Type, not Subdivided£82.00*
Single/Mullet-outlets (nozzles) 
                       (a) First Nozzle Tested, per site£134.00*
                       (b) Each Additional Nozzle Tested£82.309*
Testing of Peripheral Electronic Equipment on a Separate Visit (per site)£90.35ph*
Testing of Credit Card Acceptor (per unit, regardless of slots/nozzles/pumps)£90.35ph*
Second Hand Car Dealer's Licence
3 Year Licence    


Petroleum Certificate

Less than 2,500 Litres£44.00
2,501 - 50,000 Litres£60.00
Over 50,000 Litres£125.00
Licence TransferredNO FEE



Please refer to Health & Safety Website for list of current fees


Additional services of a weights and measures inspector will be charged at the hourly rate of £64.54 and support staff at £35.55

When testing instruments incorporating remote display or printing facilities, and where completion of the test requires a second person, or a second series of tests by the same person, an additional fee may be charged (50% surcharge plus VAT).

Note: When supplying specialist equipment (including but not limited to weighbridge test unit, van and test weights, etc) an additional fee may be charged hourly, daily or per appointment, according to circumstance.

*Subject to VAT unless under the Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) Regs 1998.

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