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Roads and Lighting

Can I request for a road or footway to be gritted?

Please remember that East Renfrewshire has 475km of roads and 700km of footway. That's enough to go from here to Edinburgh and back three times. We have included 313km of road (this is around 65 per cent, which is more than most councils) and 64km of footways in our priority routes.

We have a resource which is fully committed and utilised to keep our network as safe as possible during the adverse winter weather. To have a robust winter service the gritting operations have to be planned and executed in a pre-determined fashion to achieve the maximum efficiency. This involves methodically treating routes on a priority basis and operating strictly in line with our defined procedures.

Only on a request from the police would we divert from our treatment priorities.

Roads and footways other than those on the priority routes will have to wait until the priority routes have been successfully treated and gritting resources become available.

It is difficult to add extra roads or footways as we are already fully committed during severe conditions but all requests for assistance are noted and assistance provided when resources from our priority operations become available.

Remember not every street is easily accessible, particularly cul de sacs. Problems can often occur with parked cars making it difficult for gritters to manoeuvre and turn. If a gritter gets stuck it means that it is not attending to other roads.

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