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Community Information

Dog fouling fines

Community Wardens will issue a fixed penalty to a person who they believe has committed an offence under section 1 of the Dog Fouling (Scotland) Act 2003 this being in charge of a dog, which has defecated and has failed to immediately remove the faeces from the location.

The notice issued gives the person an opportunity of discharging any liability to conviction for the offence by paying a fixed penalty of £80.

Failure to pay within 28 days from the day after the notice was issued will result in the fixed penalty increasing from £80 to £100. East Renfrewshire Council is authorised to begin proceedings to recover the £100 at any time after the expiry of the period for paying the fixed penalty without the need to obtain a court order. These are the increased fees as of 1 April 2016.

Can I appeal a Dog Fouling Fixed Penalty Notice?

The person may contest the fixed penalty and request a hearing by ticking the box and returning to the address provided on the notice within 28 days from the day after the notice was issued.

News announcement dated 10 March 2016 on increased fines: Dog fouling fines to double​.

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