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Parks and countryside

Synthetic pitch block bookings

List of remaining time slots for block booking a synthetic pitch for 10 or more sessions.

We currently have the following Outdoor Sports Pitch synthetic venues available for block bookings for season 2017/18. If you are interested in any of the following lets please e-mail your interest to


Synthetic pitches available

Carlibar Primary School (3G)

Monday to  Friday.  6pm to 10pm.

MacTaggart & Mickel (3Ms) (3G)

Sunday 1pm to 3pm

Sunday 3pm to 5pm

Mearns Primary School (sand based)

Monday 8pm to 10pm

Tuesday 8pm to 10pm

Wednesday  6pm to 7pm 

Wednesday 8pm to 10pm

Thursday 8pm to 10pm

Muirend Pitch A (3G training pitch)

Tuesday 9pm to 10pm

 Friday 8pm to 10pm

 Saturday 12pm to 5pm

 Sunday 9am to 11am

 Sunday 12pm to 5pm

Muirend Pitch B (3G training pitch)

Monday 8pm to10pm

Wednesday 9pm to10pm

Friday 6pm to10pm

Saturday 12pm to 5pm

Sunday 9am to 5pm

St Luke's High School Synthetic Pitch (3G)

Monday 8pm to 10pm (Half Pitch)

Tuesday 9pm to 10pm

 Wednesday 9pm to10pm

 Friday 7pm to 10pm

Willaimwood High School Synthetic (sand based)

Monday 8pm to 10pm

Tuesdays 8pm to10pm

Wednesday 6pm to 10pm 

Thursday 9pm to 10pm

Friday 6pm to 10pm

Saturday 12pm to 5pm

Sunday 12pm to 2pm

Williamwood High School (3G)

Friday 8pm to 10pm

Saturday 12pm to 1pm

Woodfarm (3G)

Friday 6pm to 7pm

Woodfarm 5 aside pitch A (3G)

Monday 8pm to 9pm

Tuesday 6pm to 9pm

Wednesday 8pm to 9pm

Thursday 8pm - 9pm

Friday 6pm - 9pm

 Saturday 9am - 5pm

 Sunday 9am - 5pm 

Woodfarm 5 aside pitch B (3G)

Monday to Thursday. 8pm - 9pm

Friday 6pm to 9pm

Saturday 9am to 5pm

Sunday 9am to 5pm


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