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Community Information

Dog barking

Persistent barking by a dog can cause a great deal of distress and be a general nuisance to the public.

If you have a problem with a barking dog it is best initially to make a friendly approach to the owner /s to make them aware that there is a problem.

If this does not resolve the problem you can ask for help from the council's dog control services. They may be able to help the dog owners by giving them advice and assistance on dog care and training.

To report dog barking, please contact East Renfrewshire's confidential Ring and Report helpline on: 0800 013 0076.

If none of these steps are successful the final option is for you (or a group of your neighbours together) to take civil action under the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. 

To do this you will have to apply to the Paisley JP Court in writing:

Paisley JP Court
Mill Street,

A sample letter can be provided by the Community Wardens, which you can adapt to suit your individual circumstances:

Please note that you will have to present your own case in the Court or employ the services of a solicitor or other legal advisor to conduct the case for you.

The council's Dog Warden will investigate complaints about prolonged dog barking and advise on training of dogs. Where possible it is best to try to resolve this informally. Residents can also take a case to the District Court in terms of the Civic Government (Scotland) Act 1982. We can arrange for information on this procedure to be sent to you.

Response time - 2 working days.

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