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Watch out for the Pink Chicken!

We are supporting the Food Standards Scotland campaign to prevent food poisoning in Scotland.

FSS food safety campaign

As we wait and hope for more barbeque weather to come round the corner, East Renfrewshire Council are supporting food safety campaign 'Nothing spoils summer like Pink Chicken', launched by Food Standards Scotland (FSS).

Evidence produced by FSS shows that there is an increase in barbecuing and chicken consumption during June-August which coincides with peaks in Campylobacter infection, the most common form of food poisoning in Scotland.

Food Standards Scotland have highlighted that there is over 6,000 reported Campylobacter cases in Scotland each year, estimating the actual figure at nine times as many due to under-reporting of the illness. Research has shown that 60-80% of Campylobacter infections in Scotland can be attributed to a chicken source.

The council are supporting the campaign and urging the people of East Renfrewshire to check their chicken is properly cooked to prevent food poisoning.

There are some simple ways of reducing the risks of getting ill, which is why we're getting behind this campaign and they are:

  • Ensure coals are glowing red with a powdery grey surface
  • Different cuts of chicken will take different times to cook through - put larger pieces and bone in cuts on the barbecue first to make sure they have enough time to cook
  • Use a meat thermometer if you can to make sure it's reached a safe temperature
  • Cook chicken in the oven first and finish it off on the barbecue for flavour
  • Always make sure there's no pink meat in the chicken, the juices run clear and it's cooked to 75°C. 

Watch out for that pink chicken!

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