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School meals, trips and clothing

Calderwood Lodge lunch menu

View, download or print Calderwood Lodge school lunch menus and price information. Menu runs from October 2017 to March 2018.

Menus run on a 3 week rotating basis.

The first day back after any holiday is always Monday's menu for that week. Normal menu days follow thereafter.

Week 1 menu

Week commencing23/1013/114/121/122/112/25/326/3


Option 1

Quorn in a herby tomato sauce with spaghetti and sweetcorn

Macaroni cheese, garlic bread and garden peasSausages, onion gravy, mashed potatoes and carrotsPotato and aubergine curry, wild rice and spiced onionsTuna pasta, diced cucumber and sweetcorn salad box
Option 2Falafel, seasoned wedges and beetroot saladBBQ quorn pieces, cous cous and roasted vegetablesSalmon goujons, herby diced potatoes and broccoli

Cheese and tomato pizza, shredded lettuce and grated carrot

Hot dog, warm finger roll, sauteed onions and tomato relish

Option 3

Cheese toastie with coleslaw

Tuna mayo baguette with cherry tomatoes

Coronation quorn pieces with baked potato

Egg mayo sandwich with ladybird salad

Vegi burger, warm bun, garden salad with basil dressing

Starter/dessertFruit platter and yoghurt

Soup of the day and fruit platter

Fruit platter and sponge

Soup of the day and fruit platter

Fruit platter and shortbread

Week 2 menu

Week commencing30/1020/1111/128/129/119/212/3


Option 1

Mexican quorn pieces, roasted peppers with warm pitta

Poached salmon fillet, new potatoes and broccoli

Vegetable lasagne, garlic bread and Israeli saladMacaroni cheese, garlic bread and roasted tomatoes

Italian sausage pasta salad box

Option 2

Tomato and cheese pasta bake with Mediterranean roasted veg

Cheese and tomato pizza, crunchy salad and French dressing

Sweet and sour quorn pieces, noodles and oriental veg

Falafel, BBQ sauce in a warm wrap with ladybird salad

Sweetcorn grill, warm bun and tossed salad

Option 3

Tuna mayo sandwich with sliced cucumber

Baked potato, quorn bolognaise and sweetcorn

Cheese panini with beetroot salad

Warm pitta, beetroot hummus with crudities

Smoked salmon bagel with lettuce and lemon mayo
Starter/dessertSoup of the day and fruit platterFruit platter and banana muffinSoup of the day and fruit platterFruit platter and yoghurtSoup of the day and fruit platter

Week 3 menu

Week commencing6/1127/1118/1215/15/226/219/3


Option 1

Fish goujons, chips and garden peas

Dhal curry, wild rice and spiced onions

Quorn bolognaise, penne pasta, garlic bread and sweetcorn

Macaroni cheese, garlic bread and garden peas

Sausage fajita, tortilla wrap and tossed salad box


Option 2

Tuna and sweetcorn pizza with ladybird salad

Cheese and onion frittata, diced potatoes and coleslaw

Salmon goujons, potato latkes and sweetcorn

Sausage rolls, mashed potatoes and carrots

Hot dog, warm finger roll, tomato relish and sauteed onions

Option 3

Falafel pitta with crunchy Salad

Baked potato with cheese and coleslaw

Egg mayo baguette with shredded lettuce

Tuna toastie with sliced gherkin

Vegi burger, warm bun and crudities

Starter/dessertFruit platter and yoghurt

Soup of the day and fruit platter

Fruit platter and chocolate sponge

Soup of the day and fruit platter

Fruit platter and ice cream


School meals cost £2:00.

All children in primary 1 to 3 receive free school meals. If your child is in primary 4 or above find out if you qualify for free school meals and clothing grants

All meals include:

  • Soup of the day or dessert
  • Drink option including milk, fruit juice, water or Aqua 67
  • Bread basket
  • Crudities of mixed peppers, baby corn and carrot batons


If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, speak to a member of the catering team to check the ingredients of any lunch option.

Download Calderwood Lodge lunch menu

pdf icon Calderwood Lodge menu October 17 to March 18 [2Mb]

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