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Nursery lunch menu

View, download or print nursery lunch menus and price information. Menu runs from April 2018 to October 2018.

Menus run on a 3 week rotating basis.

The first day back after any holiday is always Monday's menu for that week. Normal menu days follow thereafter.

Week 1 menu

Week 1 dates
Week commencing16/47/528/518/613/83/924/9
Week 1 nursery lunch menu
Starter/dessertSoupRed velvet muffin sliceSoupFruit platterSoup
Meal option

Tomato and mozzarella pasta, crispy garlic bread and sweetcorn

Macaroni cheese, grated carrot and shredded lettuce

Assorted breads with ham or cheese

Chicken or vegetable curry, wild rice and seasonal veg

Salmon flakes with pasta and cucumber batons

Week 2 menu 

Week 2 dates
Week commencing23/414/54/625/620/810/91/10
Week 2 nursery lunch menu
Starter/dessertSoupFruit platterSoupShortbreadSoup
Meal option

Beef meatballs or quorn pieces in tomato sauce with spaghetti and sweetcorn

Salmon fillet, new potatoes and seasonal veg

Assorted breads with tuna or egg

Macaroni cheese, garlic bread and garden peas

Chicken or vegetable casserole, mashed potatoes and brocolli


Week 3 menu 

Week 3 dates
Week commencing 30/421/511/627/817/98/10
Week 3 nursery lunch menu
Starter/dessertSoupSummer fruit muffinSoupMelon wedgesSoup
Meal option

Baked potatoes with tuna or cheese and cucumber batons

Macaroni cheese, garlic bread and garden peas

Assorted breads salmon or cheese

Beef or quorn bolognaise with pasta twists and green beans

Creamy fish pie with carrot batons

Joint faith campus nursery

Kosher lunch menus will be available to view on the Calderwood Lodge school website.  


Vegetarian options are available on request.


If your child has a food allergy or intolerance, speak to a member of the catering team to check the ingredients of any lunch option.

Download nursery lunch menu

pdf icon Nursery lunch menu April 2018 to October 2018 [1Mb]

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