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Housing services

Rent setting consultation 2018/19

We want to hear the views of our tenants on the proposed rent increase for 2018/19.

Councillor Danny Devlin

"As the Convenor for Housing Services, it's my absolute priority to ensure that council houses are the best that they can be - that they are modern, warm, well maintained and safe homes. 

This means we do need to invest in our stock and our only means to do this comes from rent money.  In turn, we need to consider raising rents and we want to hear your views as they will help shape the final decision on the rent increase.  

Please take the time to have your say."  

Councillor Danny Devlin

Why are we consulting?

The money used to look after council houses comes only from the rent you pay. Legally, the Council cannot use your council tax or any other mainstream council income to look after its homes. 

Unfortunately the cost to look after council housing increases each year. This is due to rising inflation making things like materials and repair work cost more.

Currently, our average weekly rent is below the Scottish average and we are the cheapest social landlord in East Renfrewshire.  We are also substantially cheaper than the private sector. 

An increase will mean we are more in line with the rest of the country and will ensure the service is not just maintained, but also improved. This will allow us to deliver better quality homes that you, as a tenant, can enjoy.

We also want to make sure that our housing continues to be affordable, which is why we're suggesting options for rental increase and asking our tenants to have their say on the level of increase.    

Through this consultation, we're asking for your opinion on the rent increase, and in turn the investments we can make and the service we can provide.

We have proposed four levels of increase and explained what each could mean for your home and community.  

Our recommendation is to increase rent by 3.9%, which is exactly the same as inflation was in November 2017.   

We hope we demonstrate this affordable, brings us in line with the rest of Scotland and allows us to make the investment needed to improve your homes.

Housing costs

We spend around £9 million each year maintaining, repairing and improving council homes.  Around £5 million goes on urgent necessary internal and external repairs such as broken kitchen units, a bathroom fan fault or a blocked drain.

In addition we invest about £4 million on major improvements to your home. Here are some of the costs for the most common improvements we make on an average sized home:

  • Re-roof and render - £12,000
  • External all insulation - £10,000
  • New bathroom - £1,500
  • New kitchen - £4,000
  • Re-wire a house - £2,000
  • New central heating system - £2,500

As well as maintaining and improving our existing council homes, we want to build new homes. In November 2016 the Council approved a programme of up to 120 new houses. We would like to extend this programme to 240 new homes so we can provide suitable and affordable housing to more of our residents.

The consultation

In the consultation, we ask two questions:

  1. How much do you think we should increase the rent by?
  2. Should the rent rise be applied over 1 year or 2 years?


Rent setting consultation 2018/19

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