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Think Green

Capelrig Green Corridor

The Capelrig Way is a shared use path connecting Barrhead Road with Capelrig Road. It connects people and communities with schools and services.

The path also allows active travel helping to tackle congestion, improve air quality and contribute towards improved health and wellbeing.

Nature on your doorstep

Cadoc Wood gateway was inspired with stone carvings from Josephine Crossland.

If you step through Cadoc Wood gateway, it leads you along the Capelrigh Burn wildlife corridor.

Habitats include woodlands, grasslands and wetlands. This means the corridor is home to an abundance of wildlife. As you move along the corridor you'll find a variety of plants, insects, amphibians, mammals and birdlife.

If you're lucky you may even spot an otter.

The Capelrig Stones

Over a thousand years ago, the landscape of East Renfrewshire was populated with numerous carved stones and crosses.

Many such stones have since been lost in the mists of time or moved for their own protection.

Others linger on, echoed in place names and local legends.

The Capelrig Stones was a public art project by artist James Winnett. They draw on the rich history of carving and raising stones in East Renfrewshire. The stones provide a link to stories of old while tapping into the mysteries that surround them.

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