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Council performance, statistics and spending

Code of corporate governance

We have a legal obligation to ensure effective governing arrangements across all services.

Code explained

At East Renfrewshire Council we have to make sure that all areas of our business  are carried out in a lawful manner.  Part of this legal obligation is to:

  • ensure that public money is used efficiently and effectively
  • properly accounted for
  • used to meet the needs of our residents and communities

The Code of Corporate Governance is a statement that governs:

  • policy-making;
  • community leadership
  • working with our partner organisations.

These statements, and some others, are there to make sure we act correctly and are accountable for our actions.  

We review and update our code annually  to make certain that our structures and processes still meet these needs.  The code is supported by a large range of evidence: documents and strategies which support good governance.

Our code and a progress update on the actions in last year's code are listed in the relevant documents section of this page.

For more information on the Code of Corporate Governance please contact us.

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