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Housing services

Apply for housing

This page outlines how to apply for a house from the council or its housing association partners, who together, form the East Renfrewshire Housing Register (ERHR).

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Why apply for council or housing association housing?

You may never have thought of becoming a council tenant or you may think you are not eligible. It may be time to think again about your options.

With mortgages becoming increasingly difficult to obtain and private sector rents on the increase, this may be the perfect time to consider becoming a council tenant. Council rents in East Renfrewshire are lower than the average for Scotland, and a council house in East Renfrewshire comes with the council's commitment to quality right behind it. You should note, however, that because East Renfrewshire has a relatively small amount of social rented housing, some areas have more opportunities than others. With the best schools and parks in Scotland, excellent transport links, and some of the most affordable rents around, we're sure you'll be right at home in East Renfrewshire.

How to apply for a house

There are three main social housing providers in East Renfrewshire: the council, Arklet Housing Association and Barrhead Housing Association. Together, the three providers form the East Renfrewshire Housing Register (ERHR):

This means you:

  • need only complete one application form for housing
  • have the choice of being considered for housing by any of the three landlords
  • can get advice on housing options from any of the three landlords

How to complete the housing application form
You can download and print our housing application form pdf icon ERHR Application Form [595kb], and return it to us. If this is not suitable, you can also contact us directly on 0141 577 3001 and we will send you an application form to complete and return. If you need advice, or have any questions about applying for housing, please contact us.

The council has its own allocation policy which you can download here pdf icon ERC Housing Allocation Policy - Feb 2013 [84kb]

Each housing association also uses its own allocation policy to assess an applicant's circumstances and decide on priority for rehousing.

A summary of council and housing association allocation policies is contained within the information leaflet supplied with the ERHR application form. You can obtain an application pack for housing from any of the 3 partners using the contact details below, or you can download both application form and information leaflet in PDF format from the links on this page.

You can download the ERHR Application Form here:pdf icon ERHR Application Form [595kb] Applicants have the choice of putting their name on one, two or all three of the ERHR housing waiting lists by filling in just one application form. Please note that you will only be considered for housing by the landlord (s) you have selected on your application form.

We have provided additional information in the form of a guidance leaflet, which you may find useful before completing a housing application form. The guidance leaflet::pdf icon ERHR Application Form Guidance [610kb] contains brief details on each landlord in the ERHR, their list of homes, where their homes are located, along with details of the average weekly or monthly rent for different sized properties. The leaflet also contains a summary of each landlord's allocation policy - each landlord allocates their properties according to their own allocation policy.

Proof of circumstances

In order to process your application form we require proof of your circumstances and eligibility. You must provide originals of relevant documents. Our Customer First staff at our offices in Barrhead or Giffnock will photocopy your documents and return the originals to you. We have listed below examples of proofs we accept.

In most instances we only require one form of proof which can be any of the following:

Proof of address:

  • A council tax bill (current financial year)
  • A utility bill from the past three months (electricity/gas/landline telephone)
  • A bank statement from the last three months (or dated bank letters detailing account number) (or email accounts for online banking).

Proof of Identity:

  • A passport
  • A driving licence or provisional licence
  • A letter or card from the DWP or HM Revenue and Customs
  • A benefit award letter and P60

Proof of National Insurance Number:

  • A national insurance card
  • A payslip/p60 or benefit award letter
  • Letter or card from the DWP or HM Revenue and Customs.

Returning your application form

Please return your application to any one of the three landlords listed on this page.

What happens when you submit your application?

You will receive an acknowledgement confirming your reference number and details. You will also receive a registration letter confirming the landlords you have chosen and the number of points each landlord has awarded your application. Points are awarded by each landlord according to each landlord's separate allocation policies. The points awarded depend on your personal circumstances and will determine where you are placed on the waiting list.

What can I expect from council properties?

All of our properties are double glazed, have affordable heating, come with modern kitchens and bathrooms and most have controlled door entry systems.

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