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Complaints, feedback and having your say

Public involvement with the HSCP

The Public Partnership Forum (PPF) is the main structure which the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) uses to engage with the local community.

East Renfrewshire Public Partnership Forum (PPF) is a network of local individuals and organisations who are interested in health and social care services and want to be kept informed and involved in how they are designed and delivered in East Renfrewshire.

What does the PPF do?

The PPF has an Executive which is responsible for the operation of the Public Partnership Forum. It has 19 members and meets monthly to plan activity. The PPF Executive works with the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) to get information about services to the public, and also works to ensure you have opportunities to be consulted in any decision making about services. We do this by

 Informing people about health and social care services.

 Engaging with the local community about how to improve services.

 Supporting wider public involvement in planning and decision making about public services.

 Representing the public view at the Integrated Joint Board and other organisation group meetings.

How can I get involved?

Anyone who lives or works in East Renfrewshire can be a member of the PPF.

Please just get in touch with us. We will add your details to our contacts database. You will be sent out a regular PPF Bulletin and kept informed of other HSCP developments.

You can also open and fill in the online membership form in Related Documents. Once completed please copy and save to your own PC or laptop and then email to

We attend as many community events as we can so if you see us please do come and have a chat and find out more.

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Complaints, feedback and having your say

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