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Prevention: confident consumers and avoiding scams

Stop scam mail

Recognising and helping victims of scam mail.

Scam Mail picture

The Prevention Team is working hard to crack down on scam mail.

It is estimated that £350 million is lost to scam mail organised crime every year in the UK and seven out of 10 older people in the UK are targeted by criminals hiding behind scams for worthless lottery winnings, prize draws, health products, charities, clairvoyance, jewellery etc. The victim often becomes immersed in the delusional world the criminals create and responding to the scam can become like an addiction. 

If you know of anyone who may be a victim of scam mail then please contact us. Scammers sell information on to other scammers leading on to a snowball effect of scam mail being delivered.

  • For detailed information, case studies and statistics see word icon Scam Mail [2Mb]
  • Think Jessica - Information and advice about scam mail and the Think Jessica Campaign
  • Not to be confused with Scam Mail crime, normal junk mail can be greatly reduced. See clamping down on junk mail

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