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Environmental Health

Water quality

Information on water testing services and associated charges.

If you have  a private water supply we have a monitoring programme to test water quality. We can suggest improvements and offer advice on the health risks associated with drinking contaminated water.

The council monitors open waters annually to assess the risks from algae and acts to prevent harm to the public and animals. If you are concerned about algae in any water please contact 0141 577 3782.

Lead Pipes

In Scotland, lead does not occur naturally in significant concentrations in our water supplies. The problem arises when drinking water comes into contact with lead supply pipes, lead tanks, lead solder joints on copper pipes, or inferior quality brass fittings and taps, particularly for longer periods (e.g. overnight/ weekends / holidays periods). This can result in high lead levels in the drinking water supply. 

If you suspect you may have lead pipes, the Councils encourages you to undertake further works with a view to establishing whether lead is present and to take steps to replace them; and as a short-term, implement some precautionary measures to protect your health.

Information on the health effects of exposure to lead can be found on the NHS Inform website:

Private Water Supply Testing charges

In 2006, the Government introduced the Private Water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations. These regulations differentiate between supplies:

  • Type "A" that may have an impact on public health through business use or volume of water extracted.
  • Type "B" for domestic use only.

 Business user charges (type "A")

Type "A" supplies require to be checked at least annually - depending on the sampling and analysis, required costs may vary from £75.00 for a basic bacteriological examination to a maximum £435 for full monitoring and audit (current annual "check and audit" monitoring required to comply with the regulations will cost £118.71) 

Please contact the Environmental Health Department on 0141 577 8487 or by e-mail on to discuss your sampling requirements and associated costs.

The council can also carry out a risk assessment of the supply. The cost of this service is:

  • Carrying out a risk assessment £50.
  • Visit to premises for risk assessment £70.
  • Review of risk assessment  £50.

Domestic use only (type "B")

Residents of a premises with a Type "B" supply can request a sample to be taken for bacteriological and basic chemical analysis in line with the 2006 Private water Supplies (Scotland) Regulations. The current charge for this service is £118.71. 

Should additional chemical parameters be required to be measured then the additional laboratory costs will be passed on (with a 10% administration charge). 

Type "B" domestic users can conduct their own risk assessment at no cost. If they request the council to carry out a risk assessment  the following charges apply:

  • Carrying out a risk assessment £50.
  • Visit to premises for risk assessment £70.

A grant of up to £800 may be available from the council to improve or protect any untreated or partially treated private water supply.

Grant assistance is not currently available to owners replacing internal lead pipe work of properties connected to the mains water supply.  

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