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Council performance, statistics and spending

Modern Ambitious Programme (MAP)

East Renfrewshire Council's new approach to change.

East Renfrewshire Council is one of the top performing councils in Scotland and we want to stay there. This can only be maintained if we continue to develop and grow to meet the needs of you, our customers.

The new MAP approach aligns to the council vision and the 5 key capabilities.

"A modern, ambitious council, creating a fairer future with all." - Our council vision.

The 5 capabilities are the areas identified as priorities to support organisational development, the Single Outcome Agreement and prepare for the financial challenges ahead:

  • Prevention
  • Digital
  • Modernising
  • Community Engagement
  • Data

Watch our short animation to see how its key elements come together and the important role our staff play.

Vision for the future animation

Why does the council need MAP?

The context in which we operate is becoming ever more complex with ever more demanding budget pressures; demographic challenges (e.g. an ageing population); policy and legislative change; changing service delivery models (e.g. Health & Social Care Partnership (HSCP) and Culture & Leisure Trust); increased partnership working and increasing pace of technological development.

We have agreed an outline of what East Renfrewshire Council might develop to look like in the future, based on the 5 capabilities above. Our change programme, MAP, will implement changes over the next 3-5 years to develop our future council and contribute necessary financial savings. MAP will work to widen the scope, scale and pace of change across the council with real ambition for how we can fundamentally redesign the way we work and interact with our customers.

MAP Update

To see how MAP has developed since it's approval in June 2015 please read the Cabinet report dated 16 June 2016 - a copy is available in the related document section of this page.

What will change as a result of MAP?

MAP will be embedded throughout the organisation and will help focus action and resource towards the modern ambitious council we aim to be. This revitalised approach to change sees each department (and our HSCP) having its own change programme which will identify their aspirations for areas of redesign and modernisation, aligned to the overall council programme. There will also be a range of enablement projects (primarily related to ICT) which will help develop the required foundations for change.

MAP will predominantly focus on 3 of the 5 capabilities specifically: digital, modernising and data.

Digital: This will place greater emphasis on digital services, digital workforce and digital communities working towards 5 digital outcomes:

  • All services are digital by design and use data analytics.
  • Citizens choose and trust to use digital.
  • Our ICT is secure, cost effective and best value.
  • Internal transactions are digital.
  • We have a digitally capable workforce and a modern working environment.

Modernisation: This work stream is about streamlining and improving the way we work and  removing duplication and bureaucratic practices as well as rationalising our office estate and introducing flexibility for teams.

Data: As service based organisations, councils are reliant on good information and insight to deliver effective and efficient services and remain relevant to customers and communities. Our focus with this capability is to make sure that the council has useful, reliable and real time information that can help us personalise services for customers and support delivery, planning and investment. The quality and reliability of access to good information is critical to our decision making and effectiveness strategically, managerially and operationally.

If you would like more information on the introduction of MAP please read:


From 2009 to 2015 the council worked on its change programme PSE - Public Service Excellence. This programme resulted in 158 projects which delivered in excess of £4.8 million of recurring cashable savings. The key successes are summarised in the document:

The PSE programme was closed formally in 2015 and a new programme launched to better fit with the future aims of the Council. This new programme is the MAP - Modern Ambitious Programme.

If you would like more information on the introduction of MAP please see the related documents attached to this article or contact:

Louise Pringle 
Head of Business Change & Revenues

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