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Mixed Tenure Scheme

This page gives information about our award winning mixed tenure scheme which was set up in 2013 to improve properties within mixed tenure estates across East Renfrewshire.

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What is the mixed tenure scheme?

The mixed tenure scheme is a Council-funded initiative which was established in 2013 and aims to tackle some of the problems associated with communal repairs and the need for improvements found on mixed tenure estates. A "mixed tenure estate" is a housing estate where there is a mix of residents, including Council tenants, owner occupiers and private tenants. Some of the mixed tenure problems resolved through the scheme include close cleaning, close maintenance and re-painting, repairs to fencing, tree felling, the introduction of improved refuse management and re-cycling and clearing up fly tipping and litter.

Why did we establish the mixed tenure scheme?Mixed tenure painting

Following the introduction of the "Right to Buy" in the late 1970's the nature of traditional housing estates changed - some residents remained Council tenants, some residents bought their home under the Right to Buy and became owner-occupiers, and more recently, a number of owners rented their homes to private tenants. This has historically lead to difficulties for both the Council and individual residents in maintaining and improving common areas where there is shared responsibility or where it is unclear who is responsible for particular areas.

Common or shared issues such as close cleaning, managing bin areas, tree and hedge trimming, communal garden maintenance, removing rubbish and fly tipping from mixed tenure areas has often blighted mixed tenure estates.

The mixed tenure scheme was introduced to tackle these types of problems. Identifying and completing improvements on mixed tenure estates including close painting, fence repair and renewal, carrying out improvements to paths and bin store areas has often been neglected, due largely to identifying who is responsible for carrying out the work, seeking permission from all owners and residents and paying for the work - these problems have been resolved following the introduction of the scheme.

What was the scheme set up to do?Madras garden before

Many residents of mixed tenure estates reported that they were dissatisfied with the living conditions on their estate - whilst they liked living in their homes and communities, they expressed frustration due to being unable to tackle some of the issues and problems on their estate or within their close. Residents were keen to see improvements introduced onto their estates but were powerless to drive those improvements forward.

The mixed tenure scheme was set up to assist local people to address these concerns - and also to link to the Councils overall aims of improving local communities. The scheme was established with a range of local outcomes to benefit and enhance local areas including:

  • Building relationships with all tenures within estates to improve communication, identify local issues and improve estate management
  • Determining local priorities and developing ways of encouraging local input in to the future development of the scheme
  • Delivering measurable improvements within estates, reducing crime and the fear of crime and making mixed tenure estates better places to live
  • Improving the kerb side appeal of properties reducing void loss and ensuring communities are sustainable
  • Protecting of the significant investment the Council makes in maintaining and improving Council houses
  • Creating a rapid response team that deals with local problems quickly and effectively (the "hit squad")
  • Ensuring "Value for Money" through better procurement and use of local business
  • Creating and sustaining employment opportunities both within the scheme and local contractors
  • Reducing void property turnaround times and in turn reducing rental income loss

What have we achieved?Madras garden after

Since its inception in 2013 the mixed tenure scheme has achieved the following:

  • 193 individual mixed tenure closes were provided with an initial "deep clean". Following this, regular 3-weekly 'standard' cleans have been carried out to each close. These standard cleans are intended to maintain the level set by the initial deep clean. This benefits 1,100 households across East Renfrewshire
  • 125 mixed tenure closes have been fully re-painted and a target of 199 closes (100% of mixed tenure closes within East Renfrewshire) will be re-painted by the end of 2015/16. This benefits a total of 650 households on mixed tenure estates
  • 173 properties receive regular grass cutting throughout the growing season. This benefits 750 households
  • A major initiative was recently introduced in the Craigheads area of Barrhead which improved cleansing, refuse and recycling services. This was a joint initiative with Cleansing Services and was funded through the mixed tenure scheme. This initiative benefited 270 households on the Craigheads estate
  • 250 "one off" requests for individual communal area repairs have been received from mixed tenure estate residents with 200 being completed to date
  • 73 properties have received a winter or pre-spring garden maintenance visit, resulting in year round improvements on these garden areas
  • 580 properties have benefited from a gutter maintenance or cleaning programme
  • 43 properties have had either new fencing or fencing repairs carried out, improving safety and security for residents and the wider community
  • Disused and damaged bin stores and coal sheds have been demolished at a number of properties with the areas paved or grassed
  • 140 large problem trees have been reduced or felled on mixed tenure estates and communal garden areas. This has benefited over 300 households

What is the "hit squad"?Hit Squad

The "hit squad" is a service introduced to deal quickly and effectively with small individual mixed tenure estate issues, including de-littering, the removal of fly-tipping, hedge and tree trimming and minor improvement and building works including fence repairs and painting. The hit squad was set up to provide employment and training to a small team of local people and to equip them with the skills and experience to develop their careers in the future. Since its introduction in 2013 hit squad has:

  • Carried out over 1100 one off garden cuts and clearances within local communities
  • Completed over 500 one of small jobs - quickly, efficiently and professionally
  • Completed a range of large scale works such as brickwork repairs, removal of disused outbuildings and completed slabbing works on communal area
  • Carried out community inspections, cleaning programmes and responded to a range of local requests

Hit Squad with TPAS award

This has directly impacted on over 3000 residents who have seen improvements to their individual properties and wider neighbourhood and the 2014 tenant satisfaction survey shows a noticeable increase in satisfaction with local neighbourhoods which is directly attributed to the work of the mixed tenure scheme.

How can I access the scheme?

If you live in an area where there are mixed tenure properties and you feel the scheme would be of benefit to you and your neighbours, please get in touch with us. We take referrals from individuals, elected members and community groups such as tenant and resident associations.

You can contact the Project Officer, Richard Haney directly:

Richard Haney, Project Officer
Council Offices
211 Main Street
East Renfrewshire
G78 1SY
Telephone: 0141 5773754  
Mobile:  07718422042

Mixed tenure scheme: Awards

Councillors Devlin and Fletcher with TPAS Award

The Tenant participation Advisory Service - Together Developing Communities Award 2013

COSLA - Bronze award for Local Matters 2014

Go Excellence in Public Procurement Awards - Finalist for Contract Management Initiative of the Year Award 2015

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