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Housing services

Anti-social behaviour

Information on what to do if you experience noise or anti social behaviour from a neighbour or other person in your locality.

Ring and report

To report noisy neighbours; loud music and neighbourhood disputes contact the ring and report: anti-social behaviour hotline staffed by the anti-social investigations team:

Remember that it is important you report any concerns to us in order that we can take the appropriate action.

Ring and report help line telephone: 0800 013 0076
The line is staffed from 7.30am - 12am and is free and confidential. If you require out of hours assistance contact Police Scotland on 101.

If you are a council tenant and you are having problems with your neighbour or require advice in relation to your tenancy please do not hesitate to contact your housing officer for advice.

Council tenants: Tenancy enforcement officers

East Renfrewshire council have employed two tenancy enforcement officers based in housing services at the Barrhead offices. The duo work with tenants, liaise with owners and actively promote positive tenancy behaviour.

The officers support the council's community regeneration initiatives within council estates by ensuring tenants comply with the terms of their tenancy agreements.  If necessary they will gather the evidence required by the council to take anti-social tenants to court which could result in tenancies being brought to an end.

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