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Primary schools

Apply for other primary stages or throughout the school year

You need to contact the school or education department to apply to other primary stages or throughout the school year.

Contact schools

Find primary school contact details

Roman Catholic and non-denominational schools

Each catchment area has a Roman Catholic and non-denominational school.

You can choose to send to your child to either school.

The primary school you choose decides the secondary school your child will go to.

Documents you need to bring

These must be original documents. School office staff will take a copy and return them.

  • child's birth certificate
  • current council tax notice
  • Roman Catholic baptism certificate (if applies)
  • recent mortgage statement, rent agreement or proof of ownership
  • proof of Child Benefit
  • if you don't get Child Benefit, you can bring a driving licence, utility bill or bank statement

Applying during school holidays

If you apply during a school holiday you need to contact the education department.

Applying to a school outside your catchment

You need to make a make a placing request

The deadline for all placing requests is 31 January.


0141 577 3246

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