How to apply to a secondary school

Find out how to apply your child for secondary school and important dates.

Application process

If your child goes to an East Renfrewshire primary school, the school should contact you directly with application details.

If you're moving into the area, you need to contact the secondary to apply. You can't apply online at this moment.

The school your child will go to depends on where you live. It'll also depend on the primary school your child goes to.

If you child goes to a denominational primary school they'll go to a denominational secondary school. If your child goes to a non-denominational secondary school, they'll go to a non-denominational secondary school.

If you want your child to go to different school you need to make a placing request.

You must provide your child's baptism certificate to register for a denominational school.

Registration dates

You must register your child by 31 of January.

Placing requests

Placing requests should be made by 31 January.

Contact us 

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Last modified on 18 May 2020

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