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Think Green

Green travel

Transport is one of the largest contributors to climate change. The council and Think Green team want to promote the benefits of greener travel alternatives.

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Green travel choices are proven to be better for the environment and can improve your health and wellbeing.

Here are some tips on how making a little change can save you money and reduce carbon emissions:

  • Avoid unnecessary trips
  • Choose to walk cycle or use public transport
  • If you must use a car, try sharing

Active Travel Action Plan

The council has also developed a new Active Travel Action Plan with the help of a range of partners and stakeholders - It defines the council's strategy for increasing walking and cycling locally over the next five years:

Green travel alternatives

  • Walking;
  • Cycling;
  • Public Transport - such as buses or trains, etc;
  • Car Sharing
  • Electric Vehicles

Benefits of green travel

  • Financial - Recent rises in fuel prices are hitting motorists, making public transport an increasingly attractive option on price grounds alone, while costs for cycling remain low and walking is free!  When we do need to drive, sharing lifts is another way to cut costs.
  • Environmental - Reduced vehicle use = reduced emissions = better air quality and a cleaner environment by cutting pollution and congestion.
  • Health - Walking and cycling are great ways to improve or maintain fitness. If they're part of your daily commute, they also help get the blood flowing at the beginning of the day and can help us wind-down when work is finished.  Driving in heavy traffic can also be stressful - why not let someone else deal with the jams or avoid them altogether?
  • Time - In rush hour, it's often much quicker using public transport or cycling or walking short distances. Cyclists and walkers are rarely affected by traffic jams! On the bus or train, your time's your own too - you can read, snooze or simply gaze at the scenery.

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