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Council performance, statistics and spending

Business, environment and economy performance

Our aim is that "East Renfrewshire is a thriving, attractive and sustainable place for residents and businesses to grow." (SOA Outcome 3)

 We are working to deliver economic recovery and growth for the area through our place to grow vision- 'Growing Our Future'. This vision aims to ensure we are supporting existing businesses, encouraging new investment and providing high quality housing , education and access to some of the country's best parks and green spaces.

Investment in improving roads and enhancing infrastructure is an important priority. We are working hard to ensure Council housing meets the Scottish Housing Quality Standard (SHQS).  We are also committed to promoting sustainable modes of transport. Cycling Scotland training is being rolled out across our schools to improve confidence and safety awareness as well as the health of our residents.

The Council is investing in the Barrhead Foundry which will offer upgraded sports facilities, a state of the art library, IT suite, learning opportunities, an improved café, WIFI, business zone, on-site support and employment advice as well as a diverse programme of activities for the entire community.

The infographics below demonstrate how we're performing against SOA Outcome 3.

More detailed information on what we are working to achieve can be found in the following document;

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