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Go in, stay in and tune in

The emergency services advice should an incident occur.

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In an incident, the advice given by the emergency services may be to:

  • Go in - find shelter
  • Stay in - until told what to do next, and
  • Tune in - listen to local radio stations for more information

Go in

Go indoors, close doors and windows and shut down ventilation systems if it is safe to do so.

This will give you good short-term protection against the vast majority of hazards unless there is an obvious risk to the property.

Stay in

Stay indoors until you know more about the situation and any actions you need to take to protect yourself further.

The action you should take will vary depending on the type of incident, so you could put yourself at more risk by not waiting for further instructions.

Tune in

Tune in to local radio and TV to find out more about what is happening:

  • BBC Radio Scotland, FM 92.4 - 94.7, MW 810kHz
  • Radio Clyde 1 FM, FM 102.5
  • Radio Clyde 2 AM, MW 1152kHz


Where a community is being exposed to harm as a result of an emergency, they are more likely to be told to shelter until given further advice by the emergency services.

This is the preferred course of action for most serious incidents arising from the release of airborne substances where exposure presents an acute danger.

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