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Whitelee windfarm

Horse riding at Whitelee

Find out about all the routes and trails suitable for horses.

Horse riders can tow boxes to Whitelee visitor centre

Site Map/Routes

For a site map and popular route guides for all pursuits please see our  Route Maps page.

The pdf icon map of whitelee [4Mb] shows the variety of the paths around the windfarm, if you want to choose your own route around the site.  Every turbine is numbered both onsite and on the map, making navigation easier and it is recommended to always take a copy of the map with you if exploring Whitelee off the main routes.

Horse riding

If you have never previously brought your horse to a windfarm or taken it close to a wind turbine, it is recommended to 'familiarise' your horse with turbines before attempting a long ride at Whitelee. The British Horse Society (Scotland), have held successful 'horse familiarisation' events at Whitelee with no issues with the horses and turbines, but for a first visit it is recommended to take the time to introduce your horse to the site / turbines. The countryside rangers can provide advice on how to introduce your horse to the site / turbines.

Currently the best places for horse riders visiting the windfarm are the visitor centre entrance and Ardochrig entrance as these have space to accommodate horse boxes. (Please note however that there is not a formalised carpark and space is limited at the Ardochrig entrance, especially on busy days.) All the tracks and trails are suitable for use by horse riders but some areas can become degraded over time through heavy vehicle usage - please contact the countryside rangers for up to date track condition information.

Tracks within the windfarm are constructed with graded stone with a binding layer on the surface but some sections of track have suffered from erosion exposing the larger stone layer below, potentially making them unsuitable for horses. Track repairs are carried out annually and the rangers can provide updates on this work. Please also note that at this time the Weavers Trail Right of Way is unsuitable for horse riding as the route is unsurfaced and sections of it cross soft peat. The route to Craigendunton is also unsuitable as there is a locked gate on the route and no bridle gate is in place yet. It is hoped that a new bridle gate will be installed in due course. Please check here for updates or contact the countryside rangers for further information.

A small number of cattle grids are present in the windfarm but all are signposted 50 meters back and have bridle or field gates to one side and suitable boulders or benches for mounting close by.

The countryside rangers are keen to hear from horse riders about their experiences at Whitelee - please contact them and let them know how you found your visit so that they can build up a better picture of the windfarm for horse riding and then pass this information onto other users.

Dunwan Off-track Trekking / Riding Route

The Whitelee Access Project has created an off-track riding route that is accessed from the Whitelee visitor centre. The route is 5.3km / 3.3 miles in length and takes riders through farm fields and around Dunwan Hill before returning. Ground conditions on the route are generally good but there are some softer sections and riders are advised to gauge conditions using the preceding weather and through observing the hoof marks their horses leave, and ride to the conditions.

Along the route there are square wooden post waymarkers installed that have a green band around the top to differentiate them from orienteering marker posts (that have a diagonally split red and white square on them). The posts are arranged so that riders should be able to see the next post in the chain that leads riders along the route.

There are 3 gates that riders need to get through but aside of the first one to enter the route near turbine 69, all have suitable boulders for mounting your horse again if you need to get off. A horse mounting block will be installed at the first gate in due course.

Please be aware the fields that form this route are used for sheep grazing so please ride considerately and do not scare or cause the sheep to run or scatter.

A map of the route is available from the 'Related documents' section of this page.

Carriage / buggy driving

Horse and carriage / buggy driving is possible at Whitelee as long as the carriage does not exceed 1.5meters, which is the width of bridle gates in the site. Carriage driving is best from the main visitor centre entrance at this time. Carriage drivers are requested to be considerate of other access users when in the windfarm and to be watchful for site vehicles on blind bends and rises etc.

A short horse route from the Ardochrig entrance is available to download and print from the Related documents section on this page.

Path conditions

Please be aware that track conditions vary through the site. Monitoring of the track quality and a maintenance program is continually carried out by Scottish Power Renewables but there will always be sections on some tracks that are better suited to certain activities.  Some smaller paths are maintained by the countryside rangers. For further information on track conditions please contact the rangers.

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