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Secondary schools

How to apply to a secondary school

Find out how to apply your child for secondary school and important dates.

Application process

  • If your child goes to an East Renfrewshire primary school, the school should contact you directly with application details.
  • If you're moving into the area, you need to contact the secondary to apply. You cannot apply online at this moment.
  • The school your child will go to depends on where you live. It will also depend on the primary school your child goes to.
  • If you child goes to a denominational primary school they will go to a denominational secondary school. If your child goes to a non-denominational secondary school, they will go to a non-denominational secondary school.
  • If you want your child to go to different school you need to make a placing request.
  • You must provide your child's baptism certificate to register for a denominational school.

Find secondary school contact details

Registration dates

You must register your child by 31 of January.

Placing requests

Make a placing request online.

Placing requests should be made by 31 January.

Contact the education department


0141 577 3246


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