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Apply for or update a taxi vehicle or taxi driver licence

Taxis are permitted to pick up fares from the street without pre-booking. Both the vehicle and the driver must have separate licences.

The Customer Services Team are now operating an appointment system for anyone who requires to book multiple vehicle inspection appointments or alternatively requires to lodge multiple vehicle licence applications. You can book an appointment by telephoning our Customer Services direct on 0141 577 3005.



Taxi vehicles

  • Must be less than 5 years old when licensed and maximum age 10 years
  • Can pick up in the street or wait in a taxi rank
  • Must have a meter
  • Require an annual MOT from 1 year old
  • Requires annual testing (6 months if over 7 years old from date of registration)

Taxi drivers

  • Must pass the council's knowledge test
  • Must have a valid taxi driver's licence

Taxi vehicle licences are presently restricted to 77 vehicles in East Renfrewshire. Taxi vehicle licences are available, please enquire with Customer Services for availability:

Customer First (customer services)
Tel: 0141 577 3005
Mon to Fri: 8.45am - 4.45pm

Wheelchair accessible vehicles

When applying for a taxi/private hire car licence all vehicles must be wheelchair accessible. Please see Testing specification for further details.

The age limit for which a wheelchair accessible vehicle entry level onto a private hire car licence/ public hire car licence is up to a maximum of 7 years from the first date of registration and must then be removed from the licence up to a maximum of  12 years from the first date of registration.

Licensing a vehicle for use as a taxi

An individual OR a company/partnership may apply to licence the vehicle.

Where a company/partnership application is made, identification must be submitted for all partners, directors and managers.


pdf icon Taxi - Private Hire Vehicle Licence Application Form - Individual [95kb]

Company or partnership

pdf icon Taxi - Private Hire Vehicle Licence Application Form - Company or Partnership [153kb]

Taxi standard conditions

pdf icon Taxi Licence Standard Conditions [22kb]

Private hire standard conditions

pdf icon Private Hire Car Licence Standard Conditions [27kb] 

Licensing a person to become a taxi driver

  • A taxi driver's licence allows you to drive both taxis and private hire cars
  • A private hire driver's licence allows you to drive only private hire cars

Knowledge test

Before you make an application for a Taxi Drivers licence you will need to pass the Taxi Knowledge Test. This tests your knowledge of local streets and places within East Renfrewshire and includes a practical driving test. The council's Civic Government enforcement officer is the examiner and a pass mark of 80% is required.

If you are renewing your Taxi Driver's licence or if your licence has expired in the last 3 months you will not need to re-sit your knowledge test.

To book and pay for a Knowledge Test please contact Customer First on 0141 577 3001.

Taxi driver licence application

You will need to complete a Taxi Drivers Licence application form and produce the following documentation.

  1. Your Full Driving Licence which you must have held continuously for the previous 1 year and which shows your current address (New and Renewal applications)
  2. Your current passport
  3. Applicants not resident in the UK must provide (at their own expense and officially translated if necessary) a Certificate of Good Conduct from the country they reside in
  4. Applicants who have been resident in the UK for less than 5 years prior to application must provide (at their own expense, and officially translated if necessary) a Certificate of Good Conduct or similar document from the justice authority of the country where they previously resided (New applications only)
  5. Evidence of entitlement to work in the UK if not a UK or EU citizen

All new licences will run for a period of  one year from the date of approval (unless certain restrictions are imposed by the Licensing Committee).

Copy applications will be forwarded to Police Scotland who will carry out a Criminal background check on each applicant. Any unspent convictions not declared by you may be disclosed by the Police and may affect your application.

Fees and tariff sheet for metered vehicles

Change of circumstances to existing licences

Changes to an existing licence other than registration (for example, tow bar addition):

If you are changing your registration plate, please us the following:

Please note, if you wish to advertise on your vehicle you must submit: 

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