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About the Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP)

East Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board

Information about East Renfrewshire's Integration Joint Board

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The East Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board (IJB) has been set up jointly by East Renfrewshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde to integrate strategic planning and service provision arrangements for adult and children's health and social care services and criminal justice services

The IJB is a distinct legal entity from both the Council and the health board with both bodies delegating functions to the new Integration Joint Board.

The IJB was formally established on 27 June 2015.


Membership of the Board is as follows:

Voting members

East Renfrewshire Council
  • Councillor Caroline Bamforth (Vice-Chair)
  • Councillor Tony Buchanan
  • Councillor Paul O'Kane
  • Councillor Jim Swift
NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde
  • Susan Brimelow
  • John Matthews
  • Anne-Marie Monaghan (Chair)
  • Flavia Tudoreanu

Non-voting members

  • Lesley Bairden, Chief Financial Officer of the HSCP
  • Dr Angela Campbell (Medical Practitioner not a GP)
  • Anne Marie Kennedy, Third Sector Representative
  • Dr Deirdre McCormick (Chief Nurse)
  • Andrew McCready, Staff Representative (NHS)
  • Geoff Mohamed, Carers' Representative
  • Julie Murray, Chief Officer of the HSCP
  • Kate Rocks, Chief Social Work Officer
  • Ian Smith, Staff Representative (East Renfrewshire Council)
  • Vacancy (Clinical Director)
  • Vacancy (Lead Allied Health Professional Adviser)
  • Vacancy (Service User Representative)

Quorum - One half of the voting members nominated by the Council and one half of the voting members nominated by the health board.

Terms of Reference

The matters for which the Integration Joint Board is responsible are set out in the Integration Joint Board Integration Scheme.

Agendas, reports and minutes

The agenda and associated reports and Minutes of meetings of the Integration Joint Board can be viewed in the Related documents section.

To search for papers for previous meetings of the Integration Joint Board please go to the Agendas, Reports and Minutes archive area.

Board Meetings

Meetings of the IJB alternate between the Eastwood Health and Care Centre, Drumby Crescent, Clarkston, G76 7HN (C), and the Council Offices, 211 Main Street, Barrhead G78 1SY (B). Meetings are open to the public.


Meeting dates for the remainder of 2019 are:-

  • 25 September at 10.30 am (B)
  • 27 November at 10.30 am (C)

Meeting dates for 2020 are:-

  • 29 January at 10.00 am (B)
  • 18 March at 10.30 am (C)
  • 29 April at 10.00 am (B)
  • 24 June at 10.30 am (C)
  • 12 August at 10.00 am (B)
  • 23 September at 10.30 am (C)
  • 25 November at 10.00 am (B)

Board meetings are conducted in accordance with the Board's Standing Orders.

Code of Conduct

In terms of the Ethical Standards in Public Life etc (Scotland) Act 2000, Integration Joint Boards must produce a Code of Conduct, setting out how members should conduct themselves in undertaking their duties. Once approved in draft by Integration Joint Boards, copies of codes were to be submitted to the Scottish Government for approval.

The Code of Conduct for members of the East Renfrewshire Integration Joint Board was approved by Scottish Ministers on 21 June 2016.

Registration of Interests

One of the requirements of the Code of Conduct is that members of the Integration Joint Board register any interests they may have. The categories under which interests are to be registered are set out in Section 4 of the Code of Conduct.

Details of the interests registered by members of the Integration Joint Board can be viewed in the Related documents section.

Financial Regulations

The financial conduct and activities of the Integration Joint Board are governed by the Integration Joint Board Financial Regulations.

These regulations, which should be read in conjunction with the Standing Financial Instructions of NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde and the Financial Regulations of East Renfrewshire Council, set out the respective responsibilities of the Chief Officer and Chief Financial Officer.

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