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Council performance, statistics and spending

Improvement and Change report 2016

We have produced a report capturing the significant pace and scale of improvement and change across the services provided by East Renfrewshire Council.

We have a clear purpose to make people's lives better.

Everything we do has this focus in mind and throughout the council there are a significant range of innovative plans and projects underway to help us improve the services we offer.

The scale and pace of this programme of change and modernisation reaches every corner of our council and together they are the key levers to achieving our vision for the future to be a modern, ambitious council creating a fairer future with all.

Together with our community planning partners we have developed five key outcomes for our communities across early years; life, learning and work; economy and the environment; safe, supported communities and older people.

Striving to achieve these outcomes for our communities filters into all that we do.

To deliver on our outcomes, and our promise to make people's lives better, we are developing excellence in five key areas:

  • Prevention
  • Community Engagement
  • Data
  • Modernisation
  • Digital

These five capabilities are at the very heart of our programme of change and in 2015 Cabinet approved a new council-wide programme entitled Modern Ambitious Programme (MAP). MAP builds on the success we have achieved through the previous Public Service Excellence programme which ran during 2009 - 2015 and resulted in recurring savings of £4.9m.

MAP is our blueprint for transforming services and is making significant and rapid progress in driving forward new ways of working, ensuring service improvement and generating efficiencies - particularly around the capabilities of digital, data and modernisation.

Much of MAP is about redesigning services end to end from a customer perspective by putting in place technologies to make those journeys more streamlined and efficient; and ensuring that employees and customers have the skills, motivation and trust required to use them.

Each council department together with the Health and Social Care Partnership and the Culture and Leisure Trust have their own programmes of change reflecting local priorities for modernisation and redesign.

This report highlights the scale and the scope of this ambitious system-wide work and our various change projects are set out in line with our key organisational outcomes.

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