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Prevention: confident consumers and avoiding scams

Thinking about buying a puppy?

Buy from a reputable breeder.

Reputable dog breeder

Thinking about buying a puppy this Christmas?

We are urging you to consider the following before you make the purchase:

  • Buying from Illegal puppy farmers and importers (often on the internet) means you are more likely to buy a sick puppy.
  • Have you seen the puppy at home with its mother? This gives you the chance to see how the puppy behaves. If you suspect the conditions are not right, then do not buy the puppy.
  • Are you buying from a Kennel Club Assured Breeder? These breeders must follow rules assuring the health of the puppies they sell.
  • Imported puppies must be at least 15 weeks old. Younger and they are illegal and could be taken from you if reported.
  • Be prepared to be put on a waiting list - a healthy puppy is well-worth waiting for.
  • Be suspicious of a breeder selling several different breeds, unless you are sure of their credentials.
  • Ask to see the relevant health test certificates for the puppy's parents.
  • Always go to a reliable and reputable breeder.
  • Have you considered rehoming an older dog. Check out the Dogs Trust or your local animal rescue centre.
  • Never buy a puppy from a pet shop, carpark or service station.

Report your concerns to the relevant authority if you suspect a breeder is a puppy farmer via the Citizens Advice Consumer Service on 03454 040506.

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