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Adults and older people

Constance Care Limited

Constance Care

Details of the individual or group of people that you provide services to

  • Frail Elderly
  • Young Physically Disabled
  • Children with Special Needs
  • Dementia / Mental Illness
  • Terminally ill
  • Learning Disability

Description of your service

We are a family owned and run business with over 19 years' experience. Constance Care is a market leader in, never sitting back on past merits but always looking to the future. We are very proud to have achieved 5 and 6's from the Care Inspectorate for the last 3 Inspections. We have won awards in Lifetime Achievement, Trainer of the year, and Management/Leadership of the year and also twice won the Scottish Carer of the year. We are totally committed to the highest standard of excellence in care at home. At Constance Care we believe in the highest standard of care through our holistic approach to the whole spectrum of each person's care.   What is hugely important to us is that we offer a wide variety of services to suit the individuality of the people we are asked to care for. We pride ourselves in listening in many, many ways to what we could do better or just different.    

At Constance Care we strive to promote and deliver the following:

Ensure services support the aspirations, goals and priorities of each person, rather than providing 'one size fits all' services.

Ensure support focuses on what people can or would like to do to maintain their independence, not only on what they cannot do. Recognise: That people have preferences, aspirations and potential throughout their lives, and

Ensure people using home care services and their carers are treated with empathy, courtesy, respect and in a dignified way by:

  • involving people and their carers in discussions and decisions about their care and support agreeing mutual expectations
  • always respecting confidentiality and privacy
  • providing a reliable service that people and their carers can trust
  • Regularly seeking feedback (both positive and negative) about the quality and suitability of care from people using the service, including those who do not have a carer or advocate.

 Prioritise continuity of care by ensuring the person is supported by the same home care worker(s) so they can become familiar with them.

Ensure there is a transparent process for 'matching' care workers to people, taking into account:

  • the person's care and support needs, and
  • the care workers' skills, and
  • if possible and appropriate, both parties' interests and preferences.
  • Ensure the person using the service, and their carers (if the person has involved them in their care), can direct the way home care is delivered. This is so that the person's safety, comfort, independence and sense of security are always promoted.

Lastly we have a wide experience of working with Personal Budgets and being innovative with what people can achieve within this budget.

Availability of your service

At Constance Care, we embrace and acknowledge the fact that our services can be required 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, and our management support systems have been designed to reflect this.

Hourly rate

£16.26 Per Hour

Most recent Care Inspectorate grades

  • Quality of Care and Support: 5 / 6 Very Good
  • Quality of Staffing: 5 / 6 Very Good
  • Quality of Leadership and Management: 5 / 6 Very Good

Date: 6th August 2015


For further information about grading please see the Care Inspectorate website.


Constance Care Limited

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