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Why don't we get anything done for the fee?

Why don't we get anything done for the fee?

The sections above go into detail about what the factoring service includes and what your factoring fee pays for. They explain that the factoring fee covers the cost of the office-based and on-site tasks that must be done to ensure that any common repairs issues can be dealt with when they're reported.

The objective of the factoring service is to make sure that necessary common repairs are carried out however, the cost of those repairs are not included in the factoring fee and are charged separately. The cost paid to the contractor to attend to a reported repair and carry out that repair is charged to all of the owners in the block in accordance with the title deeds or by usage.

The same applies to any visit made by the contractor where a full repair cannot be carried out. This includes visits to make safe, visits to do temporary repairs or visits where they have attended to carry out a repair but for some reason are not able to do it.

An example of this would be when water penetration is reported and we instruct our contractor to carry out a make safe or temporary repair however, when they arrive on site there is no access to the loft space to lay tarpaulin and the only option is to carry out a full repair for which they don't have the equipment or materials.

To summarise, the cost of all visits made to the building will be invoiced to us by the contractor and all of these costs will be shared by all owners.

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