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Residents could qualify for council tax assistance

Residents who live in homes with a council tax band from E to H are being advised to check their entitlement to a council tax reduction.

New rules from 1 April mean that residents who are not currently entitled to council tax reduction may qualify for financial assistance towards their council tax from April.

East Ren Council is asking anyone in council tax bands E to H to make sure they complete the necessary forms online. Residents without internet access should come into Customer First at Barrhead Main Street or Eastwood Park HQ and Customer First staff will help you to complete the forms at the Do It Online bar.

Low income household assistance  

Council tax reduction is available to assist residents whose personal circumstances include unemployment, disability, low pay and inability to work because of disability or caring commitments. The Scottish Government have introduced changes to the council tax reduction scheme for those households in bands E-H who have low income (not more than £25,000 annually or £16,750 for a single person with no dependent children) and have less than £16,000 in savings which would negate the effect of the increase caused by the new multiplier. 

You should note that even if you do not currently qualify for council tax reduction, under the new rules you may be entitled to assistance.

Where possible, completed application forms will be processed by the council in time to be included in the 2017/18 annual demand notice; otherwise a replacement notice will be issued at the earliest opportunity. 

If you are a low income household and already in receipt of council tax reduction then you do not need to re-apply; the 2017/18 Council Tax annual demand notice will include any reduction you are entitled to.

Other support available

If you are having difficulty paying your council tax the council is here to help.  We may be able to offer you slightly lower payments over a longer period of time, or enter into a repayment arrangement if you already have arrears of council tax.

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