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Adults and older people

Wellbeing Scotland

Wellbeing Scotland works with survivors of childhood abuse and trauma.

Wellbeing Scotland2

Details of the individual or group of people that you provide services to

Wellbeing Scotland works with survivors of childhood abuse and trauma, however we are in the process of widening our memorandum and articles to include all types of wellbeing including mental/ physical health problems caused by adverse life circumstances

Description of your service

Wellbeing Scotland work with all types of abuse and/ or trauma working with people of all ages who have been impacted by adverse life circumstances either in childhood or currently having an impact on physical and/ or mental wellbeing. We offer mental health and  abuse/trauma support, counselling, advocacy, befriending, group work, art therapy, writing therapy, play therapy, EMDR/ EFT and CRM. We have specialist services for people who were raised in a care setting, prisoners, sexual exploitation and children and families.

Availability of your service

  • 9 - 5 Monday to Friday
  • Wednesday and Thursday evening until 9 p.m.

Hourly rate

Hourly rate is £16.49

Most recent Care Inspectorate grades

We are not currently able to be registered with the Care Inspectorate as we do not provide residential care


Wellbeing Scotland

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