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Primary schools

Gaelic Medium Primary Education

Initial assessment information for the provision of Gaelic medium primary education in East Renfrewshire.

Following an initial assessment of demand for Gaelic medium primary education in East Renfrewshire, the Education department has established that there is insufficient demand for GMPE within East Renfrewshire at this time.

We designated the area of East Renfrewshire Council as the GMPE assessment area. The volume of positive indications of support was below the threshold level. At present East Renfrewshire makes arrangements for some children and young people to access GMPE elsewhere. Any request for this should be made by contacting the Education department at the time of applying for a primary one place. 

The Initial Assessment was carried out according to the process outlined in the Statutory Guidance on Gaelic Education 2017, prepared under Section 9 of the Gaelic Language (Scotland) Act 2005. Any parents seeking further information about the initial assessment should contact the Education Department on 0141 577 3000.

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