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Housing services

We're changing how we let our homes

Our consultation on proposed changes to how we let council homes is now closed. Thank you to everyone who responded. Find out more about Homeseeker.

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Housing Services has been looking at the potential to make a big change to the way we let our council homes.

We're a small council with a very limited supply of homes for rent, so we want to improve choice within our supply.

We aim to let our homes in a fair and easy to understand way and help find suitable housing options for those in need of housing.

Main changes

We want to move from a traditional housing list to one that offers more choice for those waiting for housing. The term used for this is 'choice based letting', or CBL for short.

We're calling our CBL 'Homeseeker'.

CBL is more transparent than our current system. Each week, we'll advertise website, homes about to become empty on our website. We'll also advertise new council homes when they're available. People on our housing register will be able to bid for one or more of them.

We held a public consultation about our proposal during September and October 2017. We asked specific questions about the detail of our proposal. We also asked a general question about our overall proposal to change the way we let our homes. 84% who responded to this question either strongly agreed or agreed with our overall proposal.

pdf icon Find details of the full consultation report [286kb]

Other changes

We're proposing to move from a points-based way of your housing needs to a system based on 5 priority housing groups. These groups are called 'Priority Passes'.

We'll assess everyone who registers with us for housing and place them in one of the 5 groups. This includes existing tenants who want to transfer.

Priority Pass A

Homeless or threatened with homelessness ,Young Care Leavers

Priority Pass B

Unsatisfactory housing, overcrowded, medical/disability

Priority Pass C

Need for/provide support, downsizing, harassment, sofa surfing

Priority Pass D

Private let, sharing amenities, relocating to ERC for work etc.

Priority Pass E

If none of the above apply

We'll advertise details of our homes on our website each week. We'll mark each one as open to bids from one of more of the 5 priority groups. We'll also state if they are suitable for a specific need. For example, those who need ground floor accommodation or specific adaptations.

Each year, we'll publish a lettings plan outlining the percentage targets (or 'quotas') of available homes that will be allocated to each priority group. This will make sure a variety of people are rehoused.

We'll have 2 sets of percentage targets: one for existing council homes becoming available to be re-let and one for our new council homes.

After the closing date for bids, the successful bidder will be from the priority group detailed in the advert. We'll take account who has a particular need for the type of property. For example, ground floor. We'll also consider who has the earliest registration date.

We'll publish the bidding outcome for each advert on our website. We'll list the number of bids received and the priority group of the successful bidder. You'll find this information useful in deciding when and what to bid for.

Support for bidding

We'll can offer support if you need help to make regular bids for available homes. For example, you can tell us you've given permission to a named friend or family member to bid for you. Or if you don't have anyone to help and have difficulty using the online bidding system, our staff can help you bid by phone.


Council approval for moving to choice based letting was granted on 21 June 2018.

We aim to launch the new system later in 2018.

We'll contact all Council tenants and applicants on our housing list with further details ahead of the change.


Housing Strategy Team

Barrhead Offices,

211 Main Street,
East Renfrewshire .
G78 1SY


Phone: 0141 577 8404 / 4687

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