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Outcome 5: Older people

Consultation proposals for outcome 5.

Older people

Older people in East Renfrewshire enjoy a high standard of support. They are valued; their voices are heard and they are supported to enjoy full and positive lives for longer. 

Older people are able to live as safely and independently as possible in the community and have control over their care and support.

We want to ensure older people in East Renfrewshire feel included and empowered to make a valuable contribution to their local communities and are investing £26.4million in older people in 2017/18.

Spend in this area covers:

  • Dementia support.
  • At home care.
  • Occupational Therapy.
  • Day care.
  • Care homes.
  • Sheltered housing support.
  • Support for carers.

Fast facts 

  • 97 per cent of older people in East Renfrewshire remain at home.
  •  611 older people receiving care home placements.
  • £574.42 is the average cost of each person in residential care per week.
  • 1112 older people supported to live at home in 2017/18.

East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HCSP) services to older people

Most of our services to older people are delivered through our HSCP. Whilst the Council provides funding for the HSCP, along with the NHS, the HSCP Integration Joint Board (IJB) agrees spending priorities, rather than the Council. See below for further details.

East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) 

For the East Renfrewshire Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) to find efficiencies and savings of some £9.113million or 20 per cent against its current expenditure of £45.057million 


Building on the success of the East Renfrewshire Community Health and Care Partnership a new fully integrated Health and Social Care Partnership (HSCP) was established in August 2015.

Today the HSCP delivers all the local health and social care services in our area and is jointly funded by both East Renfrewshire Council and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde. This covers services to children and families, to those with learning disabilities and older people.

Whilst the Council provides an annual funding to the HSCP, it no longer determines how this funding is spent and prioritised.

When the HSCP was formed, legislation required new governance arrangements and there is now a Health and Social Care Partnership Integration Joint Board (IJB) comprised of elected members, health board non-executives, local clinicians and community and third sector representatives. The IJB decides on priorities locally and directs how health and social care services should be funded and delivered.


For the HSCP to find efficiencies and savings of some £9.113million or 20 per cent by 2021 against its current expenditure of £45.057million. This is the same percentage of savings as those being made by departments of the Council, with the exception of Education given their fixed costs, and is the level of savings that we believe will be required, once demand increases and inflation have been taken into account.  

What this will mean

The amount of cash funding that we will continue to provide to the HSCP will not reduce significantly over the next three years. We anticipate that cash funding will only reduce by some 3 to 4 per cent over the period. However, HSCP services are under increasing pressure from both demand and inflation. We have one of the largest populations of elderly residents in the country who require more and more complex support. Coupled with increasing staffing costs and other inflation related pressures, the HSCP requires more money every year just to continue running the services they currently provide. Essentially it costs more money year on year to run the same service.

With the Council unable to increase the level of funding provided to the HSCP they will need to find efficiencies and savings from their existing services and processes to be able to close the gap between the amount of money they have available to them and the increased cost of running their services in future years.

The HSCP IJB will determine their own proposals on how to achieve savings in health and social care. A separate public engagement on savings proposals will be launched by the HSCP in the coming months, once the final level of financial contribution from ERC and NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde have  been confirmed. As ever they will continue to prioritise the most vulnerable in our community. However, despite the HSCP doing all it can to maximise efficiencies wherever they can, there will inevitably be an impact on some services. This could include:

  • A further shift in the balance of directly provided services and services provided by the independent sector.
  • Providing 'just enough' support - which will mean a reduction in support hours for some.
  • The tightening of eligibility criteria.

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