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How we use your information

We'll use the information you provide in line with the General Data Protection Regulation and the Data Protection Act 2018.

We'll process your information:

  • for the service you request and to monitor and improve how we respond to your request
  • to allow us to communicate and provide services and benefits to meet your needs
  • to make sure we meet our legal obligations
  • where necessary for law enforcement
  • to prevent and detect fraud or crime
  • to process financial transactions including grants, payments and benefits involving the council
  • where we act on behalf of other government organisations, for example, the DWP
  • to collect money owed to us
  • to protect individuals from harm or injury
  • for the delivery of the service such as IT support, legal and financial advice and support and the delivery of internal audit and risk management
  • to take decisions at the appropriate level in terms of the Council's Scheme of Administration - either by full Council, Cabinet, Committee or under delegated officer authority

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