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Roads and Lighting

Flooding advice

Get practical advice about what to do in a flood.

Report emergencies

Phone 0141 577 3417 during office hours.

Phone the RALF call centre on 0800 37 36 35 outside office hours.

Flooding from a sewer

Phone Scottish Water on 0845 600 8855.

How to help prevent flooding

Report any blocked drains at the side of the road on 0141 577 3001.

If there's a flood warning, lay sand bags in brick format to help protect your home.

Gas, electricity and water supplies

If your home is flooded, switch off electricity at the supply. You should also turn off water at the mains.

Know how to turn of gas, electricity and water supplies before flood strikes. Make sure it's safe before you turn gas, electricity and water supplies back on.

Electrical appliances

Turn off appliances and make sure doors and windows are locked.

Store electrical appliances above the water level.


If possible, move your car to higher ground.

Flood water

Flood water can be contaminated. Don't children or animals near it.

Always wash your hands after you come into contact with it.


If your home is in an area affected by flooding, you should keep a supply of sandbags. Store these in a cool, dry place.

You can collect a supply of sandbags from:

East Renfrewshire Council
Thornliebank Depot
190 Carnwadric Road
G46 8HR

Get flood alerts

Sign up for flood alerts from SEPA

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