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School admissions

Choosing a school

Catchment areas

Your child will usually go to the school in their catchment area.

The parent or carer's address decides the child's catchment school.

Each residential address has a catchment Roman Catholic and non-denominational primary and secondary school.

Some addresses may have more than one of each school.

You can contact us for more information about these addresses.

Cluster schools

Each secondary school links with named primary schools. This forms a cluster of schools.

Catchment areas of the cluster primary schools make up the secondary school catchment.

This is except Mearns Primary.

There are 5 non-denominational clusters and 2 Roman Catholic clusters.

Roman Catholic schools

Baptised children who want to go a Roman Catholic school must provide a Roman Catholic baptism certificate when they apply.

Catchment school places

We aim to provide places for all children at the catchment school.

Living in the catchment area does not guarantee a place at the catchment school.

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