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School admissions

Applying to a primary school

Applying for primary 1 at the start of the year

Applying for primary 1 is a 2 step process.

Step 1: apply online

The first step is to apply online to your preferred catchment school.

We'll publish the dates you should apply in December. We'll give at least 4 weeks' notice.

We'll publish these dates in newspaper, social media and on our website. Schools may also publish this information.

Step 2: provide evidence of address and circumstances

You must provide evidence of your child's age and that you live in the catchment. You should take this to the catchment school during application week.

This is normally the second or third week in January. We'll tell you the date when you apply online.

This evidence includes:

  • child's birth certificate
  • current council tax bill
  • Roman Catholic baptism certificate (if this applies)
  • your most recent mortgage statement, rent agreement or proof of ownership
  • proof of Child Benefit
  • if you don't claim Child Benefit bring your driving licence, recent utility bill or bank statement

This is not a complete list. We have the right to ask for further evidence.

Preferred alternative school

You have the choice to choose a preferred alternative school when you apply. This is in case your preferred catchment school is full.

Applying to other stages or throughout the school year

You need to apply to the primary school.

You'll submit your application and bring evidence of your address and circumstances to the school.

If a place is available the school will agree a date for your child to start.

If there isn't a place available, we'll discuss options to redirect your child until a place becomes available.

If you apply during a school holiday you should contact the education department.

Applying before you move into the catchment

You can't apply to the catchment school more than 4 weeks before you move into the catchment area.

You must provide evidence of your future move in date.

We'll only hold a place when you provide this evidence. We'll hold this for up to 4 weeks.

If you don't provide this evidence within 4 weeks, we'll no longer hold a place. You'll then need to reapply.

When you do move into the catchment address we'll ask for further proof this has happened.

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