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Think Green

Barrhead green network

Utilising the Green Network to restore and transform the environment of Barrhead.

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The Barrhead Green Network aims to deliver a series of exemplar projects which will enhance the existing Green Network of the town, as well as develop new greenspaces to serve the needs of the community. This allows additional opportunities for enjoying our countryside through recreation, learning and exercise and outdoor activities!

The Barrhead Green Network project has five key themes:

  • Balance - creating an environment that can adapt to climate change.
  • Belonging - a place where people feel safe and want to live.
  • Growth - creating an environment for sustainable growth.
  • Feeling Good - creating an environment that supports healthy lifestyles.
  • Nature - creating an environment where wildlife can flourish.

As well as ongoing greenspace enhancements, the Barrhead Green Network addresses a legacy of dereliction and contamination at key sites. These improvements can go hand in hand with redevelopment of vacant areas ensuring the highest environmental quality. By creating new and improved links between the green and open spaces Barrhead could become one of Scotland's most green and sustainable towns.

Barrhead green network includes:

  • Barrhead water works
  • Carlibar Park
  • Cowan Park
  • Auchenback Greenspaces
  • Barrhead South (including Aurs Glen)

Feasibility study

The Barrhead Green Network's feasibility study is available for download:

Placemaking report

This report presents the findings and recommendations from a series of placemaking activities carried out by Greenspace Scotland working with East Renfrewshire Council and Grow Wild. These activities allowed local residents and local organisations (including key officers from the council) to come together to explore the Green Network across Barrhead. This included an evaluation of the current quality and effectiveness of the network and the key greenspaces within the network and the identification of actions needed to improve the Network and to maximise the beneficial impacts of the Network on the town.

The report explores the views, ideas and priorities of the participants in a series of workshops and meetings and links these to the concept of a Barrhead Green Network as outlined in the Development Plan for East Renfrewshire. The report includes a wide range of recommendations for action - some for the Network as a whole, others for the constituent greenspaces within the Network. An annex to the report highlights which of these recommendations are, in the view of the authors, the priorities for early action.

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