Bird nuisance

Find out what to do if you have a bird nuisance.

It's illegal to capture, injure or destroy any wild bird or interfere with its nest or eggs.

However, there are particular circumstances to protect public health and safety, where the Scottish Government and Scottish National Heritage can issue licenses to specific pest control companies to deal with certain bird species.

Find out more on the Scottish Natural Heritage website.

Only the owner or occupier can take action where birds are nesting on their property, or they can give someone else permission to act on their behalf.

During nesting season, unless the birds are acting aggressively or attacking people, our Environmental Health team are unable to help as the birds are extremely protective of their young.

However, if the birds abandon their nests later in the year, it would be possible for a pest control company to remove the nests and install proofing against their return.

Last modified on 19 May 2020

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