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Council performance, statistics and spending

Children's performance information

This is where you can find a summary of performance information relating to children's learning and care.

Service Overview

Improving early years' experiences is key to enabling problems such as poverty, poor attainment and anti social behaviour to be addressed. We have a well integrated health and care service which works closely with our Education department to deliver excellent early years provision. Education is one of the most powerful tools for reducing poverty, promoting inclusion and building capacity within a community. East Renfrewshire Council is committed to ensuring all our children and young people have the skills for learning, life and work that they need to be successful. East Renfrewshire Council is renowned for having excellent learning facilities and regularly is the top performing authority in Scotland.

We monitor a range of measures to enable us to improve our performance in a number of areas, such as the proportion of children leaving school to a positive destination. Some examples are given below.

How the public can get involved?

  • All establishments are committed to engaging parents in their children's learning and in the life of the school.
  • All schools produce a handbook and have up-to-date websites, which provide a range of detail including, for instance, a section on how parents can become involved in the life of the school.
  • East Renfrewshire Council Education Department uses pupil, parent and staff questionnaires to gather the views of its stakeholders.
This table details how the Council and it's partners are working to ensure there are high quality children's services available

Performance Indicator

Previous performance 2016/17

Latest performance 2017/18

How well are we doing?

Attainment of all children at S6 (% of pupils gaining 5+ awards at level 6 (Higher A - C level) (pre-appeal)63%N/AThe latest available benchmarking information shows that East Renfrewshire pupils had the best results in the country.
Proportion of pupils entering positive destinations.96%N/AThe high level of performance for 2016/17 has been maintained from the previous year.
Cost per secondary school pupil.£6,558N/ACosts for 2016/17 have increased slightly on the previous year, but we will continue to ensure we are being as efficient as possible whilst improving learner's experiences.
Percentage of child protection re-registrations within 12 months of de-registration.14.7%0%No re-registrations within 12 months
Citizens' Panel - Secondary education - % of service users satisfied96%94%Slight decrease in our high levels of satisfaction.

To find out more about how East Renfrewshire is performing in comparison to other Scottish councils visit the benchmarking page.

What are we doing to improve performance?

We will continue to challenge and support schools to improve performance further for all children and young people. Key activities include early identification of vulnerable children, supporting school improvement partnerships to raise attainment for key equity groups and taking forward the Developing the Young Workforce Implementation Plan. Our schools will promote and sustain a sense of equality and equity throughout the curriculum and service delivery.

In East Renfrewshire, benchmarking data including the LGBF is used as a results-driven process to increase effectiveness, set future targets and improve outcomes for all learners. Best practice is also disseminated to improve outcomes for all children and young people. The department will continue to take a proactive approach to managing future budget reductions by maximising efficiency opportunities and taking action to minimise the impact of savings ultimately approved.

More detailed information on what we are working to achieve can be found in the following documents;

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