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Community Councils

Clarkston Community Council

Information regarding Clarkston Community Council




At the closing date for nominations, 14 valid nominations for membership of the community council were received.

The minimum number of valid nominations required to enable the community council to be established is 10.

Accordingly, I hereby give notice that in accordance with Clause of the Scheme for the Establishment of Community Councils, the following persons have been elected to serve on the community council with immediate effect and no poll shall be held.

Linda V Allan
Ian Bell
Greg Chalmers
Gillian Cox
Tracey Dickson
Brian Dillon
Julie Flaherty
Pamela Graham
Maryam Imran
Elena Rose Job
Christopher J Kelly
Crawford Nicholson
Rebecca Nicholson
Neal Ross

Arrangements will now be made for the first meeting of the new community council.

For further information contact Vincent McCulloch, Community Councils Liaison Officer on 577 4645 or by email at:-




Eamonn Daly, Returning Officer, East Renfrewshire Council, Thursday 29 August 2019




If you wish to access minutes pre-2013, please contact the Community Planning team on 0141 577 4645.

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