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Prevention: confident consumers and avoiding scams

Stop doorstep scams

Don't employ uninvited doorstep callers to carry out home repairs and beware of sales pitches.

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The Prevention Team in East Renfrewshire, in association with Community Police and the Adult Protection Committee are warning residents not to deal with "here today gone tomorrow" rip off doorstep callers. Every year the area is targeted by con men who knock doors uninvited and offer to do roof repairs, driveways and gardening work. The price frequently rises from the original quote and the work is rarely done properly if at all. Unscrupulous salesmen selling goods and services at inflated prices have also caused problems.

The Prevention Team (with the backing of the local community Police and Adult Protection Committee) have produced a sticker for displaying on your door to give you the option to say no to uninvited doorstep traders. This section provides a host of educational materials for residents protection.

The cold calling home maintenance scam

Tired of cold callers?

Pick up a No Cold Calling Sticker at a council building or local Police Station.

Rogue traders press articles:

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