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Information on our Fairtrade zone status.

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Our Fairtrade Zone campaign

Our Fairtrade Zone initiative is run by the Fairtrade Foundation. The purpose of a Fairtrade Zone is to contribute to the Fairtrade Foundation's aim of tackling poverty.

East Renfrewshire was declared a Fairtrade Zone in March 2007. We worked with Jim Murphy MP, Ken Macintosh MSP, the East Renfrewshire Chamber of Trade and Commerce and the local community to gain this status, and we hope that other local authorities join us to make Scotland a Fair Trade Nation.

Our Fairtrade Zone status has been successfully renewed in 2008, 2010 and 2012.

5 goals for Fairtrade Zone status

To become a Fairtrade Zone, we had to meet the following five goals:

  • The local council passed a resolution supporting Fairtrade, and serve Fairtrade coffee and tea at its meetings and in its offices and canteens.

  • A range of (at least two) Fairtrade products must be readily available in the area's shops and served in local cafes and catering establishments (targets are set in relation to population).

  • Fairtrade products must be used by a number of local work places (e.g. estate agents, hairdressers etc.) and community organisations (e.g. churches, schools etc.).

  • Media coverage and popular support for the campaign must be attracted.

  • A local Fairtrade steering group must be convened to ensure continued commitment to Fairtrade Town status.

Local support: how you can help

There has been a great deal of local support for the Fairtrade Zone campaign. Our local churches and schools are very involved in promoting Fairtrade: many organise events such as stalls, coffee mornings, presentations and even fashion shows.

Everyone can do something. You can:

  • Buy Fairtrade products. When you go for your weekly shop, look for brands bearing the Fairtrade Mark. Try changing from your usual tea or coffee brand.

  • Give a gift with a difference. If you are looking to buy someone a gift, why not buy Fairtrade chocolates, wine, flowers or craft items? Visit Oxfam, look online or buy from mail order companies.

  • When cooking or baking use Fairtrade ingredients. Why not use Fairtrade spices in your main meal or Fairtrade sugar and dried fruit in your cakes?

  • Run a Fairtrade stall or host a coffee morning. You could approach your local Eradicate or Oxfam shop to see if they will offer a sale or return facility.

  • Ask your local shop to sell Fairtrade products.

  • Be informed about Fairtrade. Find out about the principles of Fairtrade, where you can buy Fairtrade products and why buying Fairtrade makes a difference.

Fairtrade in East Renfrewshire Schools

Many of our schools are our most active Fairtrade Champions and hold their own Fairtrade events, some of which are in line with Eco-Schools activities!

Contact your local East Renfrewshire school to find out what they are doing to support Fairtrade!

The first step a school can take in its Fairtrade journey is to gain Fairaware status.

For Fairaware recognition you need to:

  • Register your school
  • Find out what your students already know
  • Teach a lesson about Fairtrade

The second stage a school can take in its Fairtrade activism is to achieve a Fairactive award.

For a Fairactive award a school has to:

  • Hold a Fairtrade assembly
  • Set up a Fairtrade Group
  • Create an Action Plan
  • Hold an event
  • Choose a Fairtrade challenge (challenges include inviting a speaker, nothing too intensive).

The third stage is to become a FairAchiever school!

And for Fairachiever award

  • Adopt a Fairtrade policy for your school
  • Review your Action Plan
  • Embed learning
  • Use Fairtrade products
  • Take two of our Fairtrade challenges
  • Find out what your students have learned about Fairtrade

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