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Housing services

Housing Need and Demand

Information on how we analyse housing need and demand, and work towards ensuring these are met.

The Strategy needs to understand East Renfrewshire's housing needs

One of the "big issues" for the LHS is understanding how the local housing market works, for example:

  • How many homes are needed?
  • Where are they required?
  • What sizes and types of homes are needed to cater for local people's needs? and
  • Should they be homes for rent or for sale, or a mix of both?

We need to understand who lives in East Renfrewshire; what their specific housing needs may be (i.e. are they older people, families, living with disability, homeless people); and how this is likely to affect their housing needs and aspirations now and in future years.

When we are planning to build and improve homes in East Renfrewshire, we must then consider:

  • Do we have enough homes to rent (social or private) or to buy in East Renfrewshire? If not, what gaps need to be filled.
  • Are they where people want to live?
  • Are they designed to meet a range of needs e.g. wheelchair users, elderly people, families?
  • What are peoples' housing preferences?
  • Can people afford to buy or rent a property in their own community or nearby?

These are the types of questions which the Local Housing Strategy addresses, and we must carry out a Strategic Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA) to help answer these questions.

Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA)

The Strategic Housing Need and Demand Assessment (HNDA) produced for the Glasgow and Clyde Valley region provides estimates of homes needed across eight Council areas, including East Renfrewshire. This assessment is updated every 5 years. For more information on how this is produced and a copy of the current HNDA, visit Clydeplan.

The HNDA estimates the need for all types of housing, including homes available to rent from the council and housing associations, and private homes for sale.

These estimates have been important in shaping East Renfrewshire's Local Housing Strategy. They show that there is a need for a large amount of new affordable housing in the area to meet local needs.

Using this information, the local housing strategy sets out targets to increase the supply of new affordable and private housing. Further information can  be obtained from the LHS and other related pages.

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