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Information and consultation sessions 2009

Details of the information and consultation sessions held in 2009.

Community Safety - December 2009

  • Community safety is a key priority across the area and the Council and its partners work together to ensure that positive changes are made for the local community.
  • The video of Jim Sneddon, Head of Democratic and Partnership Services, will provide you with an insight into the key areas of work around community safety, these are surveillance, education and intervention; public reassurance and protection and enforcement. The video will detail some of the work which partners will undertake to address local issues and needs.

Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire - October 2009

  • Voluntary Action East Renfrewshire are one of the key community planning partners in East Renfrewshire who will contribute to the delivery of the Single Outcome Agreement, which is the strategic document which sets out the changes that all partners across East Renfrewshire will work towards making for the local community.
  • The video of Anne Kidd, the Chief Officer at Voluntary Action, will provide you with an insight into their work around supporting volunteers, supporting voluntary organisations across East Renfrewshire and what the change in status to East Renfrewshire's Third Sector Interface means.

Corporate Parenting - September 2009

  • Looked after children are some of the most vulnerable children in our society. The Children's (Scotland) Act 1995 places a duty on councils to safeguard and promote the welfare of looked after children.
  • East Renfrewshire has developed a corporate parenting policy which reinforces the responsibility of the whole council and its partner agencies to looked after and accommodated children.

Response to Economic Downturn Part One and Two - April 2009

  • The Council and Community Planning Partners all acknowledge that we are in a severe economic downturn and understand the need to explore ways to work together to minimise any resultant economic fall out. Whilst it has been global factors that have created the downturn there are many actions that if undertaken by local partners could see an easing of negative effects on our local economy.
  • The Council and partners are closely monitoring intelligence and information to ensure the services we are providing are fit for purpose.

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