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Births, deaths, marriages and civil partnerships

Register a marriage

You must give at least 29 days' notice for a marriage. You need to fill in a MN10 form and make an appointment with a registrar to submit it.

How to make an appointment

Phone 0141 577 3004.

We have 2 registration offices.


211 Main Street, G78 1SY


Eastwood Park, G46 6UG

Who can register a marriage?

Both partners must be:

  • at least 16 years old when you register the marriage
  • not related to each other in a way which prevents a marriage
  • unmarried and not in a civil partnership
  • provide documents to prove any previous marriage or civil partnership has ended legally
  • can understand the nature of a marriage ceremony and is able to consent to marriage


You must give at least 29 days' notice to submit the form.

The earliest you can submit the form is 3 months before your wedding ceremony.

Documents you need to bring

You must bring original documents. We do not accept copies.

If any documents are not in English, you must provide a certified translation.

For each partner

You also need to give names and addresses of 2 witnesses who are at least 16 years old.

If you've been married before

You also need to bring these documents:

  • Legal documents to prove any previous marriage or civil partnership has ended. For example, Decree absolute.
  • Death certificate if your previous spouse or partner has died.

Immigration control

If you're subject to immigration control and not a member of the European Economic Area, you will be asked for extra documents. We'll let you know this when you contact us.



Phone: 0141 577 3004

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