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Council performance, statistics and spending

Planning for the future of East Renfrewshire

Key demographic trends

The new motto of East Renfrewshire Council is 'Your Council, Your Future' - and the future is exactly what this important document deals with.

Like the rest of Scotland, East Renfrewshire faces great changes in its population in the coming years. We expect our population to increase, to have more elderly residents, to see a decline in death rates and to have an increase in the number of households, as more people live alone. East Renfrewshire is already one of the most ethnically and culturally diverse communities in the country and we expect this trend to continue.

You can download the full report as a PDF:

Data sources used in the planning process that may also be of interest are:

Key highlights from Planning for the Future report.

How many people live in East Renfrewshire and how many will live there in the future?

How many households are there and what size are they?

An overview of religion across East Renfrewshire.

Ethnic origin across the area.

Information on numbers of children attending early learning and childcare and future trends

Information on primary rolls and occupancy levels by school.

Information on secondary school roll and occupancy levels by school.

Information on current and future numbers of older people.

Statistics on new housing and overall housing tenure.

Statistics on deprivation.

Most popular names of babies and some other facts about East Renfrewshire.

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